Friday 28 June 2013

How Do Ultrasonic Foggers Operate (Part-I): Fogging systems

Fogging SystemFogging systems or simply foggers are the machines that create fog. In certain cases fogs are generated for cooling down temperature however, these are sometimes also used for destroying insects. The one that we use for killing insects are usually filled with pesticides or insecticides in liquid form.

Foggers are used generally as an alternative source of pesticide service. Majority of fogging systems contain pyrethrins. Pyrethrins is an effective insecticide and is derived from the flowers of chrysanthemum. Foggers are installed in such a manner that these are able to create maximum fog that contains higher level of insecticide volume.

The chief source of creating fog is obviously water. Ultrasonic waves revolve around water that turn these into dry-feeling gases. These foggers are nowdays common for creating fogs in pubs, restaurants, home decoration and industrial establishments etc.

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