Friday 13 September 2013

Misting System India-Cloudtech Fogging System Mosquito Misting Systems  Standard and customized Misting System-Misting System India-Cloudtech options for houses, apartments, hotels, motels, restaurants, offices etc. Get the area inspected and assessed by professionally trained people.

When sunrays get hotter day by day and one part of the world pressed under extreme heating conditions melting of rise in water bodes level is quite common. This is due to increased heating effect in the atmosphere. This is how heat has its effect. Apart from that excess heat also has adverse effect on our body as well.

Development of Misting System

Today, people prefer outdoor cooling systems viz-a-viz air conditioning systems. Misting systems are also called as evaporative cooler. It has excellent water evaporative capacity to create consistent cooling effect.
How does Misting System Works?

Advanced misting systems India from Cloud Tech are meant to produce consistent cooling effect wherever these are placed. It produces large volume of mists through water passing through extreme pressure pump. Cooling effect is created with instant evaporation of generated water droplets. This evaporation can lower surrounding temperature by upto 15 degree Celsius.

Friday 28 June 2013

How Do Ultrasonic Foggers Operate (Part-I): Fogging systems

Fogging SystemFogging systems or simply foggers are the machines that create fog. In certain cases fogs are generated for cooling down temperature however, these are sometimes also used for destroying insects. The one that we use for killing insects are usually filled with pesticides or insecticides in liquid form.

Foggers are used generally as an alternative source of pesticide service. Majority of fogging systems contain pyrethrins. Pyrethrins is an effective insecticide and is derived from the flowers of chrysanthemum. Foggers are installed in such a manner that these are able to create maximum fog that contains higher level of insecticide volume.

The chief source of creating fog is obviously water. Ultrasonic waves revolve around water that turn these into dry-feeling gases. These foggers are nowdays common for creating fogs in pubs, restaurants, home decoration and industrial establishments etc.

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Thursday 27 June 2013

How Misting System Provides Efficient and Affordable Cooling

Mosquito & Pest Control SystemsAre you ready to beat the summer heat this season? As the outdoor temperature rises so does our temper. Extreme sunlight just after rainfall comes with additional pain of perspiration. What is noteworthy is that almost all people face same situation and majority of them just “Dream” of a cool place at the same where they are and actually only a few of them achieve it. Did you ever dare to think beyond why some people enjoy elite cooling experience while some just keep whining of hot temperature in the summer season? Advanced technologies and modern scientific practices have made our lives simple and joyful.

It’s all About Techniques and Tools

Tools when applied with proper technology deliver better results. Misting systems work on the principle of push lock nozzle systems. Every single nozzle system has hundreds of tiny sized pores that consistently emit huge volumes of finest mists. When millions or even billions of tiny water droplets spread in the atmosphere these bring down temperature of the atmosphere to the comfortable level.

Customized Misting System
Misting systems are carried out necessary modifications so that these bets fit to the specific requirements of clients. There are certain factors such as area, capacity, budget, prevailing atmospheric conditions etc. that are taken into consideration while choosing a right misting system in India.

Monday 17 June 2013

Misting System

Cloud Tech is at the frontier of developing efficient and high performing misting system for firms, households, corporate bodies, government organizations etc. among others. Having a misting system india from Cloud Tech has different advantages of enhanced air conditioning system which is not just easy to operate but also comes with additional support of after sales customer support.